Attempted Kidnapping in Shaw Boulevard Went Viral on Social Media

A girl named Gelene-Timoteo-Galinato posted on her Facebook account that her sister became a victim of bad elements in Shaw Boulevard. According to her story, her sister had a job interviewed that day and when she got off the bus near in Shangri-Mall, there is a guy who called him and dragged her sister. Then, to her surprise there was a van stopped at his front and there is a guy who downed from the vehicle and tried to pull him inside of it while the other guy is punching on her head.

But the sister of Gelene knew how to defend himself, what she did it, she fight back with those men who trying to kidnap him. Luckily, they did not get her, but the men got all her important belongings like i-phone, bag and cash. But the victim doesn’t regret it, the important she became safe in the hands of the bad guys. Gelene’s sister was very thankful because there was an old lady who gave her 50 pesos and she used it as a fare to go home.

Gelene is very worried about what happened to her sister. This is proof that the public places in Metro Manila are not safe anymore. She also convinced the Facebook users to share her sentiments to bring awareness to the public. Thousands of FB users followed to her request. Netizens commented that the government should bring back the death penalty in the Philippines. Because the criminals nowadays are very bold; they are attacking even daylight or in a crowded place like Shaw Boulevard. There’s also a tendency if the culprits became successful with their evil plan, maybe Gelene’s sister was also raped like what happened to Anria Galang Espiritu who became a rape victim. So, the public, especially girls should be aware because the criminals are always roaming in everywhere. 
Gelene's FB post