Armpit Hair Selfie, a New Trend Among Women?

              People nowadays love to take a picture in a selfie pose. But if you’re a girl, are you willing to grow your hair in your armpit. Then, gave a selfie picture of yours? Before you make a violent statement to this statement; maybe you’re already knew that there is webiste in China launched a selfie contest for women. They need to have hair in their armpit and have a selfie pose then they need to share it with their social media. This is a campaign of the organizer to bring awareness to the women in their country that they should take care of their body.

                But this is not a just became a trend in China, but also to the other part of the world. Even the unternational pop queen Madona has a selfie pose with hair in her armpit. But we don’t know what’s her reason for doing this. Maybe she just wants to be updated what’s new in the world today. Beside that the pop queen is known for her being a controversial artist. Before this unique selfie became a trend, having a hair in armpit of women is not new anymore. As what we heard, French people love women with a hair under their armpit. It makes them turn on. Who said that men have only the right to make it grow? If If not mistaken, in Titanic movie; there’s a painting there of a woman with a hair in her armpit.

                Of course, in the Philippines, this idea is not already accepted. Maybe only a few Pinay are doing this because they believed that this costumbre is for men only. It is very disgusting for them to see themselves that they have a hair in their armpit. They will be bullied also by other people once they knew their secret. So, why do they have to show their hairy armpit in public? Unless there is a contest and the stake prize is so big. On the other hand, we can never judge those women choose to have a hair in their armpit. Maybe it’s already a part of their culture. That’s also their body so why you should care? Unless their armpit has a bad odor, that is not nice anymore? But we knew that hair in armpit serves as a protection in germs. Whatever, be proud of your body. So, girls come out and have a armpit hair selfie!