ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: To Give and Enjoy

          Giving donation becomes very different nowadays; you aren’t just giving money to an institution or to a charity. In Ice Bucket Challenge also known as an ALS Bucket Challenge organized by ALS Association; before you give your donation; the donors need to agree that the ice water will pour on his head. This activity started in America and went viral throughout social middle in the middle of 2014 and it became a pop culture phenomenon. Even celebrities, politicians, businessman was hooked with this challenge. Some of them are Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Oprah, Britney Spears, Katty Perry etc.

In the ice bucket challenge the rule is very simple, the participants have two options, if they accept the challenge and pours the ice water on their head, they should pay 10 dollars. But if they will not pour the ice water on their head, they need to donate 100 dollars. According to the report, since Ice Bucket went viral on Facebook and Twitter, ALS collected a big amount of donations. On August 14, 2014, they received $15.6 million from the donations of their participants. It is more compared to what they had got last year which is only $1.8 million.

Despite of the success of the ice bucket challenge, it also gained a lot of criticism. Other people questioning the ALS, why they don’t expose the people’s money donation? They don’t believe that they just only got 15 million dollars because many participants are high profiles. So, they gave donation more than what’s written with their rules. While for others, why they need pour ice water to the donors, it is just a waste of water and maybe the donor could get a sick with through this activity? Why they don’t just ask them to give a donation to their organization? Their intention is really good, but this method in collecting funds is not acceptable for other people. But if you will ask the supporters of ice bucket challenge, it’s just for fun and aside from that the organization are really helping for the benefits of ALS patients.