Aiza Seguerra Wants Biological Baby through Insemination

           In 24 Oras interviewed on August 7, Aiza and Liza Dino said that they are planning to have a biological baby. Of course, they are both girls, so what they should do? Aiza said that she will transfer her egg cells to Liza. And they will find a sperm donor because her partner will undergo in insemination process.  But before that, the couple confirmed that they are planning their marriage that will happen in October or November this year. They will do this in America because it is not allowed here in our country. But they will do a wedding ceremony here in the Philippines by January 2015.

            Hey folks, what would be your reaction about this news? Well, even same couples want to have their own children. That’s their right and no one can control it. Hmm, whom sperm could be donated? If you’re a boy, are you willing to donate for the couple? If yes, you don’t have a right once Liza born the baby. It seems that you’re just a baby maker. But you have assurance that your child will have a good future. To the part of Aiza and Liza, there’s also a risk. What if it comes to unknown donor? They don’t know what’s the character the father.  What if the ancestor of the father has a disease or mental disorder? The good thing they do is to ask from their friends, who are willing them to become a sperm donor. At least, they knew very well the behavioral characteristics and the family background of the father.

            Now we know that egg cells could be transferred to another  woman. But it should work if they transfer it to a gay? I’m sure that’s the dream of every gay, to have an egg cell. So, they could become pregnant. Joke only. Regarding to their plan to be married, the Philippine society didn’t accept that kind of marriage. That’s why they are planning to do this in America. That’s their decision , so let it be!  For her fans doesn’t care about her gender identity, but because they love her talents as a singer and an actress. So, goodluck!