A Dangerous Selfie

              It is only natural for people to become a popular. It seems that we are always joining in a contest because we want to beat each other. We apply this kind of attitude when we take a picture. We really love ourselves. There’s a little bit of narcissism inside of us that’s why many of us love to have a selfie pose. This is happening because of the popularity of social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. We want to share our selfie picture with our friends, relatives, neighbors and even to our enemies. But sometimes selfie picture could kill you.

                There were some people who already died after they took a selfie picture. Like what happened to a high school student in Pasig. She took a selfie picture, then he fallen down on the stair. While in Peru, there’s a couple took a selfie picture on the edge of a deck then they fallen down also. Why is this happening? Very simple, it’s because of carelessness or lack of awareness. Some of them are thrilled seeker; they want to take a picture even if they knew that they are at the top of a building or other high areas. I watched a video of a man walking in a very dangerous place while taking a selfie photo of him. In one wrong move, he might fall.

                It is true that selfie photos nowadays are very in demand. It is already a part of our culture in this modern generation. But if you’re motive is to become a famous through your dangerous selfie pose. You may think twice or thrice. What’s the essence of becoming a popular if you would die from your dangerous act. So, don’t put your life in a danger situation. It is okay to have a selfie picture even other people are already annoyed to  you. It is better to go in the bathroom and have a sit in a toilet bowl and give your greatest smile. But if you're really a daredevil, go ahead and expose yourself in danger. Have a happy selfie period!