7 Bulacan State University Tourism Students Drown in Madlum River

The 6 BSU students drowned in River Madlum
Seven BS Tourism of Bulacan State University died because of drowning in Matnog River while going to historical place Biak na Bato in Malolos Bulacan. Netizens pours their condolences and prayers in social media with a hashtag #PrayforTurismo and PrayerforBulacan. More than one hundred students had a tour on August 19 and one of their destinations was Matnog River. Their tour guide already warned them not to cross the river because of the bad weather condition, but the students refused to follow the tour guide. The students drowned while crossing the river. Six of them identified as Helena Marcelo, Michelle Ann Rose Bonzo, Sean Alejo, Mickel Alcantara, Madel Navarro and Janet Rivera. 

The BSU management is very sad to what happened to the student victims. They don’t thought that accident could be happened. Bulacan has many beautiful places and they decided to have a tour in River Matnog just to introduce the tourist spot of their provinces. But they insisted that the students signed to a waiver the tour was a voluntary basis and whatever happened to them will not be the responsibility of the school.

The local government of Bulacan blamed the BSU management because they conducted a tour in Matnog River although it is dangerous to go there if the heavy rain pouring in. The local government also said that there’s many tourist spot in their provinces which is very safe.  Gov. Wilhelmilno Alvarado feel regret to the students because they are still young to die. 

On the other hand, the parents of the victims of the student are also blaming the BSU management for the tragedy. For them, it doesn’t mean that because of there’s a waiver, they don’t have responsibility anymore about the tragedy. Some of the parents are planning to file a case against the BSU management after they buried their children.