Who Are the Real Beneficiaries of DAP?

              The Disbursement Acceleration Program is illegal according to the Supreme Court. But the Aquino Administration is still defending it. The President is appealing to the high court to declare it as legal. P-Noy said that they were wrong with their decision. So, they need to change it. But of course, the Supreme Court will not change their view about this issue. For sure, they made a careful study before they released their decision. It is the problem of the President if he can’t accept it. The public is asking, why P-Noy is still pushing DAP although his administration became controversial because of this? Is it true that the Filipino people are benefiting from it or is it just his allies?

                 Does the President wants to save Budget Secretary Butch Abad, the architect of DAP from controversy; that’s why he want it to make it legal? It seems that he don’t want to respect the decision of the high court because their decision is against them. The public applauding the Supreme Court for not listening to the dictate ofMalacanang although the Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno is an appointee of P-Noy. They are only abiding the rule of law. The President should recognize the power of Supreme Court. Does the President didn’t contented to the support that he got from them when they ousted former Chief Justice Renato Corona? Sen. Jinggoy Estrada revealed that P-Noy bribed the senators to support the impeachment trial by using the money from DAP.

                 How true the allegation that P-Noy used the DAP for his interest? There is news saying that the Department of Agrarian released P4.5 billion to pay the landowners including his relatives for their HaciendaLuisita Land. How he can explain that? What can he say also to the issue that Interior Secretary Mar Roxas was the biggest recipient of DAP? There are also allegation that Sec. Mar Roxas is using it for his political ambition. He is the Presidential contender of Liberal Party; so there is a tendency that he would use the fund for the preparation of presidential election in 2016. But Sec. Mar Roxas was already denied it by saying that this is just a black propaganda of his political enemies. He said that they used the money for police modernization and for therelocation of informal settlers. But his critics are wondering because on their knowledge, the Department of Interior of Local Government has their own funds? Is it not enough that’s why they need DAP?

               Now, it is up to the public if they want to believe that DAP is for the benefits of the people. If it is true, the question would lead back again, why the Supreme Court rejected it.