Vic Sotto is Dead:Just a Hoax

Credited to interaksyon.com

There is a rumor spreading over the internet saying that Vic Sotto is already dead. But this is not true according to Malou Chua-Fagar. As a matter of fact Bossing was appeared in Eat Bulaga to do his hosting job; a proof that he is still alive and kicking. Before he victimized of this malicious news, Claudine Barretto and Bong Revilla was also killed in news.  

But what is the motive of the site owners by making false news? That is not because they hate the personalities or they just want to get popularity or attention. If they want to become popular, maybe they would use their real name. The obvious reason of this is they want their post to become a viral. So, if you write about the death of an actor and actress, their site will get a lot of traffic. From this, they will earn money from their advertisement.
                So, don’t be surprised if there are many hoax stories around the internet. You will see their links in social media like Facebook.They are also using the logo or name of the TV networks to look realistic.  Even not death stories, they are also making false news and they consider their blog as a satire. The bloggers communities have been aware to the rotten style of thatkind of blog because all of their stories are misleading. At first, you would believe that it is a true story. Later on, you will realize that is only invented.

For legitimate bloggers, false news or story is a big no, no. They really know that it would suffer the credibility of the blog. For the writers of hoax stories out there, we can never consider this just a simple gimmick.  But you’re only bringing confusion to the mind of the public. Killing someone with your stories is such a horrible thing to do. Be fair to anybody before it would bring you a bad luck.