The Culture of Recto Avenue

           Recto Avenue was named after the late legendary politician Claro M. Recto.This is one of the most busiest and crowded place in Manila. Of course, there is a LRT station here and this is also known as the university belt because there are many universities founded here like FEU, UE, STI and many more. Aside from that, there are many business establishment here from big to small entrepreneurs. Like in Quaipo there are also many sellers of pirated DVD’s, fruits and many more. And if you want to go to the mall, there is a branch of Isettan Department Store here.

 But             Recto is also known as the center of fabricator of the fake documents in the Philippines. This kind of black market became a tradition in this place. It seems that it will not be eased. Because there are many mayors who already seated in Manila but they didn't  make it stop. What kind of documents do you want to fake? Diploma, marriage certificate, government ID? Name it and you’ll get it! But take  it at your own risk. If ever, you may get a problem if someone files a case against you for falsification of public documents.

On a       On a good side, Recto is a big help for the students who want to lessen their expenses. Because you can buy here second hand books at very affordable prices. They have any topics you need, from literature, history, marketing and even romance pocketbooks. All you have to do is to hunt the books you’re looking for. Yeah, the culture of second hand books in Recto is still alive despite of the advent of the internet. But you will notice that the sellers are not too many compared to the last decade. By the way, because Recto is a university belt there are many xerox and bookbinding services here.

If you love old school music. Recto is a great venue for you to find your favorite oldies. Maybe until now they are still selling cassette tapes. And if you’re a punk, metal and hardcore fans, you may visit Cartimar and buy some underground stuffs there like CD, t-shirts, books, fanzine and many more.