The Colorful Love Life of Aling Dionisia

Photo from Facebook
              What if you are Manny Pacquiao, would you give your permission Aling Dionisia to have a boyfriend? And what would your reaction if your mother ask for your blessing to marry her boyfriend? Well, you don’t need to become Manny Pacquiao to answer this question. We have different reactions about this issue. But if you ask Manny, he doesn’t agree with this idea. Why? Because she is still married to his estranged husband. So, she can’t do that and beside that Manny was already a changed man. He became a born again Christian and an evangelist. So, he is not tolerating his mom to have an affair to his young boyfriend, although he also wants her mom to be happy.

                Does Aling Diosina is the next Madam Auring who claimed that she has still a charm or ‘may asim pa?’ For sure, her boyfriend is not a minor anymore. She is not the female version of Freddie Aguilar who married a minor to prove that his love is true. Her boyfriend's name is Michael, this guy became her escort during her last b-day. Mommy Dionisia is already 65 years old and she is still strong at her age. She is very active in ballroom dancing. Many people surprised when she changed her image. At first she the public calling him Aling Dionisia; but she changed it and now other people calling her Mommy D. From being looks like a ‘manang’ who is always wearing a bello while she is handling a rosary and praying; now, she becomes a glamorous woman. Maybe this is to show that she is the mother of Manny. But that is her right, she is a member of high class society now. In the SONA of the president, she attended there wearing a glamorous gown.

                Who says that senior citizens can’t in love again? For our heart could always feel younger. In the end, Mommy Dionisia only could tell what she can do with her life. She can listen to his son and daughter or not. As of now she doesn’t reveal the identity of her boyfriend. Is that one of her dance instructors? Maybe she don’t want to be intrigue like what Madam Auring did that she was very proud to introduce her boyfriend to the public. And to her boyfriend, make sure that is intention is pure. He know what I mean. Just take care of her, that’s it!