SONA 2014: The Citizens Report

Credited to interaksyon.com

P-Noy has already made his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 28, 2014. In his speech, he elaborated some of his achievement of his administration. He was very proud when he said that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) helped to boost our economy. One of the examples is he when he seeded the fund with the Central Bank of the Philippines to strengthen our peso currency. He also gave funds with TESDA and because of this action thousands of scholars gained benefits.  But now, the Supreme Court declared that DAP is illegal. They have a plan to ask supplemental budget to the Congress to continue all the projects they started under DAP.

During the SONA of the President, he became very emotional when he expressed his feelings towards his late parents. He said that he can never forget all of their golden rules. He will also never neglect the Filipino people. If he would do this, it seems that he also forgets the legacy of his parents. His sisters also were inside of the Batasang Pambansa, they cried when they saw that their brother became dramatic to his speech. They knew that the President has a great burden of governing the Philippines. At the end of the speech of P-Noy he convinced the public, he said that two years from now, we will elect another leader of our country. He wished that choose a leader that could continue the good program that he started. 

P-Noy gained different reaction from the public whom he considered as a boss. Some of them are contented to his leadership although his administration became controversial because of DAP. They believed that P-Noy is still a good leader and he made some changes to our country especially for his campaign against corruption. But there are sectors who declared their disappointment to the Aquino administration. For them, maybe P-Noy is a good president but it was not good enough. He had promised that he never does like the passing of the Freedom of Information Bill and giving land to the poor. They also emphasized that the poor didn’t feel the economic growth that they are boasting. Instead, prices hike of basic needs becomes higher and higher. He didn’t created massive jobs to eliminate hunger and poverty in the country.

On the other hand, the SONA of the president became a fashion statement of the politicians. They showed their glamorous dress. They wore Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana with a twist. The critics noticed them that it seems that they attended in a fashion show or Famas Awards. For them, that was not a good move, don’t show any form of being extravagant at the front of the public while there are many Filipino people don’t know where to get foods. On the lighter note, Sen. Nancy Binay became a center of mockery over social media. The netizens made a joke that it seems that she was not the first one who wore her dress, but it was Corazon of Marimar, a very popular Mexican teleserye in 1996. They also commented that she looks like penguin.