Should Marijuana be Legalized in the Philippines?

Selling and using marijuana is illegal in the Philippines. Any person gets caught having this by the authorities, they will detain in jail and pay for a penalty.  But now, there’s an appeal or a proposal that selling marijuana  should be legalized in the Philippines. This is headed by the group called Philippines Mom for  Marijuana. No, they are not marijuana users, they only believed that the weeds is a herbal medicine and could be helped a child who is suffering from epilepsy. They said that it the child smoke the weed; they could be relaxed and ease the attack of that sickness. They considered that the government takes an action to save the lives of epileptic children in the country.

             On the other side, most of the Filipino people are not ready to legalize using marijuana, although they also believed that the weeds is a herbal medicine. It could help people to boost their energy and it gives appetite in eating. This is the most saleable drugs in the Philippines. You can buy it on the black market at a very lower price. It is cheaper compared to shabu, ecstacy and other illegal drugs. That’s why even high school student could afford to buy marijuana.

                The group of people who are against to the appeal of Philippines Moms for Marijuana said that there;s no strong evidence that marijuana could heal a person who suffered from epilepsy. It is like a pain reliever that will make them calm for a while. But it doesn’t mean that their sickness would be healed. So, why they should rely on marijuna and treat it as a wonder drug? For them, marijuana is not good for our health because this is really addicting and could affect to our brain and nervous system.
They also said that don’t imitate the liberated countries who are already legalized selling marijuana to get additional revenue for the government. If the Congress  legalize selling marijuana in the Philippines, it seems that they are also allowing Filipino people to become a marijuana dependent.

                This issue is really complicated. One thing for sure, even it is already getting the attentions of the public, their mind is still closed to the possibility using marijuana as a herbal medicine.