Selfie Generation

Facebook has been changing our lives since it was becoming popular. Not only in the way we communicated with each other, but also on how we look ourselves. Through this social network, we get a lot of confidence and it has boosted our ego. It seems that we have become thirsty for the attention of our friends and even to strangers. We love to promote ourselves without knowing that we are already narcissistic people who extremely love ourselves.

Are you belonging to this generation who loves taking pictures of them? We called it selfie; it derived from the word itself, which is selfish (not the greedy one). After you took yourself with many angles, you will upload it faster on Facebook. But there are no any changes with your face, although you have a lot of pictures. Then, you’re waiting if your friends will like or give a comment to your pictures. You will be happier, if your picture becomes trending for a day. And tomorrow you will repeat it again and again. For you, that’s already an achievement even if you’re not earning money from it.

Why there are so many feeling models in Facebook although they are not. They don’t know that some of their friends become irritable to such attitude. They are treating Facebook as a mirror that will be seen by many people. There’s nothing wrong to have self-confidence, but please don’t overacting. Don’t flood the news feed of your friends with your pictures. Of course, they want to know what’s new with you, but they are not asking for your selfie picture. As what the writer Lourd de Veyra said, just suit your actions with your looks. Remember, that many naughty people in the internet. There’s a possibility that they will use your picture for their meme.

But if you think that you’re cool and pretty, just go ahead and do a lot of selfie pictures. You have a license to do that. This is the reality in our society; if you’re beautiful, people would accept you immediately. I’m sure they will be happy including your stalkers and poser out there. Don’t overexposed yourself; everything excess is not good anymore. 

You may say that what you’re doing is just a self-expression and you’re only going with the flow. To have selfie pictures is the trend today. Not only to the youth, but even to kids and adults, but even self-expression has limits. You can’t fully express yourself in social media. This is considered as a public place where everyone needs to behave, although you’re not exposing your cleavage and dirty tongue like what other girls doing to gain a little bit of popularity.