Philippine Arena: The Biggest Indoor Arena in the World

             If you think that the Smart Araneta Coliseum and the Mall of Asia Arena are the biggest arena in the Philippines, you’re wrong. They already have beaten up by the Philippine Arena, which is already recognized by the Guiness Book of World of Records as the biggest indoor arena, not only in the Philippines but to the whole world. It is owned of the religious group Iglesia ni Cristo.
Ka Erdie Manalo, the church leader thought that why they don’t make an arena where their members could use it for the church activities? And at the same time, they will open it for other group activities as long as they comply with the religious belief of Iglesia ni Cristo. 

              The Philippine Arena started to build two years ago for the celebration of their centennial anniversary. It constructed by 30,000 people. According to the report, they used 9,000 tons of steels in this arena. It has 15 floors and accommodates 55,000 people. They have two two LED giant screens. So, there is no problem if the audience would be positioned on the top floor. They putted rubber bearing to the proof of the arena to serve as protection if there’s an earthquake. This extravagant structure is built to 99,000 square meters area located in Ciudad de Victoria in Bulacan.

            The Iglesia ni Cristo made their inaguaration for the arena on July 21, 2014.President Noynoy Aquino served as their special guest of honor. After that, on July 27, they celebrated the100 year’s anniversary of the foundation of their church in the Philippine Arena. Million of the Iglesia ni Cristo went to there to show their full force. During the big event,they had firework displays that last for 30 minutes.

           Well, happy anniversary to all members of INC and congrats to their leadership from building this such unique arena. For sure, even the opponents of their church are very proud of their greatest achievement. Imagine, you can find the biggest in-door arena in the Philippines!