P-Noy Vs. Supreme Court on DAP

                Pres. Benigno Aquino was defending Disbursement Accelaration Program or DAP during his National Address last July 14, 2014. He said that the Supreme Court was really wrong with their decision, when they stated that DAP is unconstitutional. He defended it by saying that it is based on our Constitutition. He also said that this was just a excess or saving fund of the government and they want it to use for emergency like what they did when they used the funds to relocate informal settlers. The President compared DAP to a motorist who is parked in an area which is a no parking zone. Is it wrong, if he don’t follow the rules, if he wants to save lives of other people?

                The ordinary people are really confused regarding this issue. They don’t know what would they be believed. But it is so easy to understand that the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary are co-equal. So, the Pres. Aquino could not dictate the Supreme Court what to do although he is the one who appointed Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and other justices. Does the President didn’t contented when they kicked out former Chief Justice Corona? And now, he is asking for an appeal to consider DAP as a legal action. What if Supreme Court would thrash his appeal? Because their decision was already final. They voted 13-0 against DAP, so it is very clear that Sereno Court knew that DAP is not for the common good of the people because it is illegal. And it can be used as a source of corruption like what happened to PDAF.

                So, why the Aquino administration still wants to pursue DAP? Because of this some people are thinking that they only want to protect DBM Secretary Butch Abad, the brain of DAP. Although the secretary already passed his resignation letter, President Aquino didn’t sign it because he want him to stay in his cabinet. Because of this stand of Pres. Aquino, he is hit by his critics and accusing him for acting as a dictator. Contrary to his parent who are known for being an icon of democracy. So, the President should think again and let the Supreme Court to implement their decision even it is hard for them to accept.