NAIA: The Overflowing of a Septic Tank

There is news that the septic tank in Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 was overflowed and its deposits were extended to the road. Overflowing septic tank is very common in every house. But in an airport, this is very rare scenario. What’s the problem, the CR itself because it was already overused or because of lack of proper management? Why they don’t call the service of a siphoning company like Malabanan if they already knew that the septic tank was already full?  At least, it was not exploded like what happened to Glorieta in Makati.

It is still fresh in our mind that NAIA was categorized as one of the worst airport in the world according to the list of a popular travel website due to its poor facilities and slow services. Because of the government had been alarmed and they made an immediate action to change the bad image. They made some reconstruction to NAIA. There were many Filipino architects offered their services; they proposed a plan oh how they will modernize the design of the airport. 

But despite of the efforts of the effort of the government, NAIA is on a bad news again because of the septic tank issue. The public are hoping that this kind of incident would not happen again in the future. This is very disgusting especially to the foreign visitors in our country. What would they thinking about us? But according to the NAIA management, the problem has already been fixed. But the news has already stained again to their image. If an airport is a face of a county; they should always take care of it.