Mines View Park: A Beautiful View Deck in Baguio

               If you’re in Baguio don’t forget to visit Mines View Park. It is known for its beautiful view deck. From there, you will see the mountainous area of Baguio. The park has a small space, so, it’s so easy to stroll it. The only problem, the park becomes overcrowded. So, you need to wait other people to finish their photo shot beside the deck before you go there also.


                Aside from beautiful panorama, there are some activities you can do here. You can have a picture with a giant dog which is Bernard bred. The fee is 10 pesos for 4 shots. The dog trainer has an assistant and he is the one who can take you a picture through your camera. In the past, they had four dogs, but now it is only one. The Bernard dog is very wise; it is following all the instruction of its trainer. The tourists have a good time while they are taking pictures with the dog.  

You could also take a picture with the horse if you want. The horse is really cute because its hair is colored pink. What a Kikay horse! When we went here last time, there is a male horse. I don’t know, if there are still two horses here. Maybe it was only took a rest. Once,I was ride in a horse and posed like Leon Guererro, an old cowboy film of Lito Lapid. But if you want to see many horses, just go to Wright Park. 

There is also a telescope for rent here. You can rent it for 10 pesos in 5 minutes to see the deck below the park. There is also a wishing well here. You can throw coins if you have a wish. When you’re here and do you have kids, please take care of them. Don’t let them play beside the deck although it has a fence.
If you’re looking for souvenirs and delicacies like peanut brittles, choco flakes, pili nuts, etc., there are many stalls in and outside of the park. Name it and you’ll get it. When you’re hungry, don’t worry, there are some restaurants outside the park like Cora’s Restaurant, Mangan Tayon and Mines View Park Fast Food. Inside their place, you will also see the view deck.