Lessons from the Digital Leaders Bootcamp

How to be a digital leader? This was the question answered in a seminar entitled Digital Leaders Bootcamp held on July 26, 2014 at BEST WESTERN PLUS Antel Hotel located at Makati Avenue. It was organized by the digitalfilipino.com and a project of Sherlane Fortunado, a blogger and a student of Mrs. Janet Toral who served as a speaker of this seminar. It happened through the sponsorship of AIR 21, one of the leading courier companies in the country. 

Janet Toral
Digital Leaders Bootcamp is full of fun and learning. It was attended by people who have different backgrounds; from bloggers to online sellers and from other professions. The seminar was not about the technical aspect of the digital world; but it was focused on the characteristics of being a digital leader. The first thing you should do is be a relevant to your costumers. Post only relevant posts to your websites. If they need it, then they may get it. It is also important that you have always empathy and just always keep in touch with them. You should also have a passion from what you’re doing. Then, your purpose and intention is clear; that is to serve and to help them. The speaker also emphasized that you have them from the start to finish. So, they will feel your sincerity and you can their trust and loyalty. 
Mrs. Toral tackled also the different ways on how to influence others. Not by manipulating them, nor by harassing someone; but is all about sincerity and through better communications. As a leader, you should know how to negotiate, to enlist, to inquire and to listen. If you know all of these aspects, you will know the concerns of your costumers. Aside from these, you know also how to be attuned or to identify yourself to others. Try to put their shoes to understand their situation. Then, you should know how to facilitate and you can pursue your ideas through other individuals by finding the right person who can support you. Mrs. Toral gave a good example: once, she approached former Senator Ramon Magsaysay to ask a support from her advocacy- to protect the digital marketers in the Philippines. She explained very well to the Senator her purpose. Then, the conversations led into action until the E-Commerce Law had been created and passed by the Congress.

You can also gain influence from being a part of a group. This is very important to extend your network or connection. If you love debate, these are also effective, but remember that when you’re debating online; you’re not referring to your opponents. You’re not doing this to embarrass them, but to win the crowd. If you’re not an argumentative of a person, use the style of being disengaged. You can respond to others in privately like sending them private messages on Facebook and e-mail.  

To be more interactive, Mrs. Toral asked the participation of the audience by asking them several questions and from reading a few lines from the module. The participants also took different personality tests to know better about themselves. By the way, the whole discussions guided by the thoughts of John Maxwell, a very popular American book author and motivational speaker. 

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