How to Become a Travel Blogger?

      If you want to be a travel blogger, the first most important thing you have to remember is you have a passion for it. You must have a burning desire to desire because travelling is very physical activity. It will lead you somewhere; you will in every corner as long there are beautiful places you want to explore. But if you don’t love travel it will make you tired and exhausted.

Of course, like a soldier you need a weapon while you’re travelling. Bring a camera to picture all the beautiful views you will be encountered. It is not necessary to have a expensive camera. Even using your cellphone you can take a picture, but of course, it is clear. You may also bring your laptop. But always be safe if you have these important things. You need these for you to document about the place you travel. All you have to do is to tell what your impression is and experience about the place. You may also research its history. When is it built  or what’s the characteristic of that place to become a tourist attraction. 

But before you travel, know first where your destination is. How to go there, is it by air or by land? Where do you stay; in a hotel or in a transient house? Of course, you need a enough budget to do what’s your intention. If necessary, have a tour guide so you will not be lost. But if you can’t afford one, follow your instinct. It is easy to ask for the locals there.

Meet also the locals of the place you are visiting. Always be respectful and be kind with them. So, they will cooperate with you easily. Know also what’s their behavior and traditions. What kind of clothes they wear; what food they eat. Do they have a fiesta or festival? What’s the reason behind the celebration? Like in Baguio, they have a Panabengga Festival to promote their flower industry. We know that Baguio has not only planting vegetables and strawberries, but they have a lot of beautiful flowers as well. 

But hey, what will the prize of being a travel blogger? At first, you will expense your own money. But in the long run, if you already built your credibility or reputation as a travel blogger some companies may approach you and they will offer you to review their establishment or services. Is that cool? I knew some travel blogger who were quieted their job to be a full time blogger. You may also earn money from the advertisement of your blog. But it depends upon the quantity of your traffic to your blog.