Diner's Restaurant: A Great Taste of Bulalo in Tagaytay

            Tagaytay is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the Philippines. Tourists love to see the panorama of Taal Lake Volcano. Many hotels and restaurant built here and from there you will see the beauty of the volcano. If you’re in Tagaytay, you will not only full with the view; but also your stomach. Delicious foods are available in every restaurant here. All you have to do is to choose where you are going to eat when you’re hungry.

             I tried to eat in a restaurant called DINER’s Restaurant Original Bulalohan. This was established since 1985; so, it almost three decades right now. The restaurant has only a small space and it has a second floor. But inside of their compound, they have a lot of Nipa hut. Therefore, you can enjoy privacy while you’re eating. Even your group is composed of 10 persons; the Nipa hut could accommodate all of you. The atmosphere here is very relaxing and the staffs give a good service to the costumers. They can explain very well what’s on their menu. They are very true with their claimed that the foods are delicious. 

             I love their bolalo because the meat is very soft, so, it’s easy to swallow it. It is only available for 250 pesos and it is good for 4-5 people. Aside from bulalo, you would love their crispy pata, pinakbet, etc. They have also different shakes like mango, avocado up to guyabano flavor. The only negative thing about the place is there are many vendors approaching you to offer their products while you’re in the Nipa hut. There are selling from blades to peanuts and other delicacies although there’s a written sign saying that vendors are not allowed here. But it just okay, let’s understands that is their livelihood. If you’re generous just buy their product and if you don’t want to disturb just say no and they will leave you immediately.