Claudine Barretto's Scars: Is Raymart Santiago Made it to Her?

Claudine Barretto is on a limelight again, not because of she has a new  tele serye, but to speak against her estrange husband Raymart Santiago. She showed her scars in a photo shoot due to the burn of a cigarette. Her leg is full of dark pigment, but she doesn’t say directly who made it to her. All she said that she became a battered wife.  And now, according to her, she is supporting the women who are also a hit by their husband.

Recently, she had a picture with Raymart and with their child Sabina. It seems that they were already in a good relationship. But despite of this, Claudine went to the court to file a case against her estranged husband, for not giving financial support to their child. She also said that Raymart was already neglected their child. First, he was not attending to the birthday of their child. Instead, he chose to undergo scuba diving. Next, Raymart didn’t show his support when their child was bitten by her classmate although he knew the cellphone number of Claudine. 

But according to the camp of Raymart, his attorney said that is not true that her client is already forgotten Sabina. His scuba diving was already scheduled before the birthday of their daughter. The truth is he was with Sabina during the exact date of the birthday of their child. It means that the party was held on another day. 

The public didn’t know when this trouble between Claudine and Raymart would end. Their case is really such a complicated issue. As for now, let us wait what will the result of this conflict. The former husband and wife who fought against Mon Tulfo are now separated and throwing negative words against each other.