When Do You Stop From Blogging?

 If you’re tired from blogging because you doing it in several months and you don’t see any improvement about your earnings, it makes you mad. You became frustrated and you want to stop from blogging. That’s fine, no one can resist if that is your decision. But if I were you, I would like to think twice and examine what’s wrong with my blog? And can I make it as a career?

            Blogging is not all about writing. Yes, it is the life of a blog. But there are many things that you need to consider if you want to earn money from blogging. You may ask yourself. Do I frequently update and promoting my blog? Do I following all the rules of Google? So, they will index every time I post a new article in my blog? Am I exploring or using other  ad networks out there to boost my earnings?

            For me, blogging is a continual process of learning. So, you must be open minded to all changes that happening in the world of internet. There’s a tendency that the old tricks yesterday will not be acceptable or works tomorrow. Or in other words, go with the flow and adjust if there are changes.

\             Remember also what your motive was when you started blogging. Do you had passion for writing or you just want to earn money? Well, there’s nothing wrong about that if that is your intention. Of course, we need money to provide our needs. Others said that you can able to learn how to write. But if you don’t like what you’re doing, you will also quit. I hope you’re enjoying from blogging and your only problem is about money. But it can be solved if you’re willing to listen to other bloggers who already earning a decent money.

            But I make sure that successful bloggers will say that what they did is not an overnight success. It is a product of their hard works. They built it not for months, but for a year or how many years. At first, like you they also hesitated, but they never allowed negative thoughts to swallow them. That’s the reason why they became successful and reach their status right now. How about you? Do you still want to stop from blogging, although there’s a chance to be a winner and not a loser in blogging?