What You Should Do After Writing a Post?

  As a blogger, it is not enough to finish an article. What’s the sense of it if there is no other reading it except you? Are you a blogger who is easy-go-lucky? After writing a post; you already neglected it. Hoping that Google will be indexed your article. You never worry because you believed that content is really good and you might get a lot of views through organic traffic.

               But wait, just think for a while. Does your traffic, satisfy you or not? If the answer is no, what’s the missing point? Maybe you’re not promoting your article because you have a personal reason. Maybe you don’t want it to discover by your family, friends and relatives.  If that is the case, why don’t use a pseudonym? Or maybe you’re very conscious about your grammar and you don’t want to be criticized by other people. And the worst reason is you’re too lazy to do that. Well, you can’t achieve anything if that is your behavior.

                It is very easy to promote an article nowadays unlike before the previous years of blogging. Just use the power of social media like Facebook and Twitter and even Google Plus. Join to the Facebook groups which are related to your blog niche. For example, if your blog is about relationship, promote it to the group of people who are seeking for partners or just talking about relationship.  This is a tested tactic to many bloggers because by doing this they already targeted their market. If you’re using Twitter, just use hashtag if you write about personalities. If you cite their name through hashtag they will see it if they have also Twitter. If they like your article about them, they will re-Tweet it. So, their followers would also see and click your link.

                Aside from social media, promote also your blog offline. If you meet new people, don’t forget to cite your blog for them to visit. Give them a calling card and make sure that your blog URL address is there.