Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica: The Break Up Story

What if your fiancĂ©e left you because of wrong accusation, will you accept it or not? You really knew to yourself that you don’t have any fault and your conscience is clear. You want do appeal, but he don’t have a time to listen anymore. This is what happened to Kylie Padilla, the daughter of the bad boy of Philippine Cinema, no other than Mr. Robin Padilla. Recently, he broke up with his boyfriend Aljur Abrenica. 

Kylie said that Aljur who was first decided to end their relationship because he thought that there’s a third party behind them. For Kylie, it’s hard to accept the reason of their break up because it was a nonsense reason. Aljur left her without confirming if the negative issue about her is true or not. There’s a gossip that she has a relationship of Geoff Eigenman or the actor is courting him. But Kylie denied it; she only became close to Geoff because they have the same family background. Both of them belong to the family of actors and actresses. But when she noticed that Aljur was jealous of Geoff he avoided him while they were in their set of their TV series. She doesn’t know that the jealousy of her boyfriend will become depth until it will lead to their break up. 
What’s your opinion about this issue, my dear readers? Is Aljur Abrenica being only an immature person who doesn’t know how to handle a relationship? Anyway, we don’t have a right to judge him. Maybe he was only sinking with his jealousy. But if I were him, I will not leave Kylie. Why? Kylie is so beautiful and both of them are also popular. Besides that, it seems that Kylie loves him so much. He has already experienced hardship when he courted Kylie. The public knew that Robin don’t like him for his daughter because they have a different religion. But Aljur proved that he is gentleman that’s why Robin also accepted him to their family. Aljur must be thankful because Robin not already a bad boy, if not maybe he will beat Aljur because he hurt the feelings of his daughter. 
Well, that’s life, not all love stories have beautiful ending. Sometimes it will end in disaster, although you cared a lot for that relationship. At least Aljur and Kylie once they became both happy when they shared a lot of memories. Maybe they are not meant to each other. As of now, Kylie is not too ready to accept suitors. That’s right, to have a new boyfriend in an instant is not an answer to heal her heart breaks. Just wait to be recovered and new relationship will follow. Kylie was right, when she said that they should give an importance to their future partners.