Krista Miller the Next Condo Queen

Again, starlet Krista Miller is in the center of controversy. First, we heard that she was linked to actor Cesar Montano after they made a movie. She was the pinpointed reason why Cesar and his wife had been split. Then, she also made a movie entitled Kabaro where she exposed her breast. And right now, she is involved to a convicted drug lord named Ricardo Camata who is treated as VIP by the jail guards. She was spotted while she is visiting the elite prisoner when it was confined in a hospital.

Krista was accused of having sex to the drug lord. But the starlet denied the accusation; there’s no monkey business happened between them. She explained that she only selling a condo unit to him. According to her, when you’re selling a condo unit, you will undergo in a long process. You have many talks to do with the client. Besides that, she was accompanied by other guys. So, how can she have a sex with Ricardo. But according to the report from the media, his mates left, Krista and Ricardo and after that she stayed inside the room for about 11 minutes. 
Well, it is good for Krista Miller, at least she has a part time job as a condo seller. The only problem is she is selling condo units to a convicted drug lord. Hmm, maybe Krista only knows how to spot her market because her client can afford to buy it even if he is a prisoner. But according to her critics, it is not impossible that Krista had sex with her client. For they believed, that some starlets are selling themselves to the rich people. We knew that was hard to be a famous in showbiz industry. We don’t know even the popular actors and actress once they were also sold themselves to reach their status. But if this is true, can we condemn them if this is the way they knew how to earn money in the easiest way? Unless we belong to the group of women's advocate or we are just a moralist.

Maybe Krista is only idolizing Deniese Cornejo for her condo trademark between her and Vhong Navarro that’s why Krista is also using this as a reason to escape from the controversy that she entered. But right now, Deniese is not living in a condominium anymore, but in a jail.