How to Get Approved in Google Adsense in Easy Way?

 There are many bloggers saying that it is hard to be accepted in Google Adsense because they became very strict nowadays compare to early years that they were very open. Well, everything changes; they only want to assure that only the good and quality blog will be accepted. Let’s put our shoes to their advertisers. Do you want to put your ads in a dump or nonsense blog? Of course not! But don’t worry; there are ways how to get accepted in Google Adsense. It is not hard as what other newbie blogger thinks about it.

-Always remember that content is a king. Write an article that is very informative or entertaining. That’s the main purpose of people why they read your blog. So, write an article that you have a vast knowledge or familiar with. At least, maximize your article with more than 350 words. Make sure that you have more than 20 articles before you apply to Google Adsense. And remember, use only supported languages. 

- Don’t pass your blog if you have copy paste articles or you only grab pictures from the internet. Make sure that your contents are all original. It is easy for the Google Adsense team to detect if you only copied it from the internet. 

-Durability of a blog is also important. You need to wait for 3 months to 6 months before you can apply your blog to Google Adsense. It depends from the country where you live. But if you have confidence, you can make it shorter. I passed my blog before it reached its 3rd month. Or if you have a doubt, just wait until your blog will get matured. 

-Make sure that you have organic traffic or visits based from the user’s searches on the internet and not just a traffic comes from social media. At least you have 50 organic views a day before you apply your blog to Google Adsense. But of course, you still need to promote your blog to gain additional traffic. To get indexed easily by google robots make a sitemap through google webmaster tools. 

-Make a private policy for your blog and disclaimer. This is important to know what are your rules or guidelines while reading or using your blog. It is like companies, they have rules and regulations for their customers. There are free tools that you will find in internet. All you have to do is follow the instruction how to put it into your blog.

- If you had already other ad networks in your blog, delete it first. Google Adsense is allowing the bloggers to display another ad network’s advertisement. But don’t put it before you apply to them. You can put it back once you get approved. OK?

                But there’s no assurance that you will get accepted even if you follow what I wrote in this article. The decision is still with the Google Adsense team. But there’s a chance that you will be accepted if you will follow the advice. Always remember, that there is nothing wrong by trying. Congrats if you will get accepted. Follow their terms and conditions if you don’t want to be banned. And if they reject you, fix the problem and you may apply it again. Good luck!