How to Earn Money Through Blogging?

          Blogging is very popular nowadays and many people earning money by writing this alternative platform of media. As many people involves in blogging; many companies are also looking at this to expose their products. Why not? If everybody of us has a question in my mind, we will search it immediately in Google. And it will lead to someone’s blog. What makes blog special? It is open 24 hours a day. So, if you love writing you must leverage the power of blogging. Who knows you will also earn money?

Here are the methods how to earn money through blogging:

You can apply to Google Adsense, the leading adnetwork in the Internet. But don’t put your eggs into one basket. Apply also to other adnetwork like Admediaking, Chitika, Adversal, Media Net, Infolink, etc. Remember, every adnetwork has a set of standard to accept their publisher like you. They have also their own style and different sizes for the ads. Just choose the ad that will fit into your blog. But before you apply, read first the terms and condition and their requirements as well. Then, if you have already displaying ads to your blog, work very hard for the traffic. If you have only few visitors every day you can’t earn money.  

Affiliate Marketing Program
Some companies has affiliate marketing program like Amazon, Lazada, Commission Junction, Agoda, etc. Through the program you can earn commissions if there is someone who bought or availed their products and services. You will not earn by clicks and impressions of their ads. So, if you feel that you could sell their products, use affiliate marketing program to your blog.

Direct Advertiser
For example, your blog become famous you could ask or send a proposal to a company to advertise in your blog. This is much better compare to adnetwork or affiliate marketing program because you can set your own price. It will be based upon the traffic that you’re receiving. Other direct advertisers are asking for Google Analytics to know the actual number of your visitors. 

        There is an instance that even you’re not looking for direct advertiser they are the one who will look for you. That is if they are very interested to your blog. They will contact you and they will you an offer. If that would happen, that is very great! 

Product Review
You can also earn money if there are companies willing to pay if you will give a positive review about their product. But before you do that, make sure that you have a hands-on experience about that a product and not just a PR one. If you’re reviewing a product, don’t put the website line of the company in your blog post because you will get penalized by Google by doing that. But remember also that not all the products review in the internet is a paid advertisement. They are only doing this to get the attention of the company. And there are some bloggers only want to write their honest opinion about a certain product. Hmm, if the review is positive that is very favorable to the company. 

Selling Your Own Product
If you have a product you can sell it into your blog like software, e-books, etc. But you will only do this after you build up your reputation as a blogger and when you get the trust of your readers.  If you’re selling products, you can put an ad cart and Paypal payment device directed to your blog. It will gives convenience to the shopper and also to the publisher.

Offering Services
If you have an expertise in anything, you can offer it through your blog. Either it is speaking engagement, website developer, blogging tutorial, etc. 

If you will only integrate all the methods above you will also earn money through blogging. Your blog will open some opportunities for your own good. But as of now, build up your assets which are the contents of your blog.