How to Avoid Getting Banned From Google Adsense?

      If you have Google Adsense  in your blog and worrying to be banned this article is for you. But if you read their terms and conditions,  you’re already familiar with their policies. This is just a reminder for every blogger out there. We always heard that there are many bloggers complaining and asking why their Adsense banned? Here are the tips not be banned in this ad network.

-Just put only 3 ads per page. But those ads have an equivalent of 1 view. Excessive ads are a big NO NO for them. Because it is obvious that you’re only blogging for money and not to give information nor to entertain the readers.

-Google Adsense is allowing the blogger to have another ad network with their ads. Provided use only up to 3 pop up ads or else your Adsense will be in danger. Too much pop up ads also giving an unpleasant feeling to the readers and they will leave your blog immediately.

-Don’t use vulgar words, hate speech or any bad words in your blog. Aside from that, don’t upload malicious videos and pictures. Pornography or adult content is not allowed in Google Adsense. So, your blog must be a wholesome anytime. Don’t also promote vices like drinking liquor, using illegal drugs, b, etc.

-Don’t also put your ads with unsupported language. Yes, it may work, but the ads are not related with the content. Many bloggers are doing this, but once the Adsense team detects it; they will take an action regarding this. You can review the Adsense terms and conditions what are their supported languages.

-Don’t use traffic exchange or robot to boost your traffic. Don’t ever try it, if you don’t want your Google Adsense banned immediately. It is very easy for them to detect if you do that kind of act. You can promote your articles on social media to gain additional traffic, but please don’t abuse it. Your traffic must be balance, aside from the traffic comes from social media, work also to gain organic traffic.

-Don’t click your own ads to boost your earnings. If you accidentally click your ads for one or two times it doesn't matter. But it is better to report it to them to show your sincerity. Don't also convince other people to click your ads. The clicker should must have a genuine interest with their ads. And don’t use other dirty tactics for other people will accidentally click your ads by using a blurb color or hiding your ads. It must be visible at all time in the eyes of the readers.

Remember, once your Google Adsense banned it is forever. You can’t reapply it to get a new account.you must be careful with it. We know that they are the biggest ad network in the internet and no other ad network can beat them in terms of generating money.