Graphic Health Warning Bill: Not Effective for Chain Smokers?

           The Graphic Health Warning Bill authored by Sen. Pia Cayetano has been passed by the Congress. It has a purpose to lessen the numbers of smokers in the country. By putting graphic warning to the packages of the cigarette, there is a possibility that the smokers should stop from this kind of vicious. Sen. Cayetano and its supporters believed that this is much more effective compared to the written warning like government warning is dangerous to your health. What if the smokers would see a picture of people who had got lung cancer, throat cancer, neck cancer, etc? Do they will continue from smoking?  If they imagine that will be their destiny if they will never stop their bad vice.

                But graphic health bill should be effective? Maybe yes or no, it always depends on the perspective of the smokers. Many of them are really stubborn and don’t want to lose cigarettes into their lives. They already know that smoking is not good for their health, but they are still smoking because this is already part of their system. Smoking is also a kind of addiction that’s why it is hard to stop from it. They had also acquaintance that already died because of smoking, but they don’t care about it. They believed that every one of us has own time to say goodbye in this world; even you’re a smoker or not. All of us will surely die for whatever reason. They don’t want to accept that smoking will put them early on the cemetery. For them, this is only a psy-war or just a campaign of health advocates. They will still do whatever they want to their bodies. They are not children that are so easy to put a fear over their mind.

                For me and maybe for other people, it is up to them if they will continue or they should stop from smoking habit. But please, don’t smoke in public area or inside of a public transportation. It is very dangerous for the non-smokers to smell a second hand smoke. So, always become a responsible smoker all the time. There’s no problem, if they don’t want to stop from smoking, that’s their health and their money. But at least, graphic health warning should be a reminder to the people who are thinking to also try to smoke. ? Why they don’t try to smoke e-cigarette? But this is not also good for the health. Maybe this is the time to consider smoking katol if they want to die like a mosquito.