Earn Money through Shorte.st.com

            Are you an active Facebook and Twitter user who love to share different stuffs in the internet? But you do this for enjoyment only. Why don’t you use social media to earn money? How? Join Shorte.st to monetize your stuffs. What’s good here, even it is not yours, you can share it. And you could also help the owner of those sites to gain traffic. It is good to know that you’re earning while you’re only sharing photos, videos and articles with others. 

            To do what I said, sign up to Short.est. Then, after you do, this copy paste your link and put it in their shortened link tool. After that, copy the shortest link version of your stuff, then share it to your Facebook and Twitter. You can also share it to your Google Plus account. There are some bloggers that they use it directly with their blog. 

            To get noticed by the netizens, share only interesting stuffs. They would click your link if you get their attentions. So, your effort will not be wasted. The link comes from Shorte.st have 5 second ads but they could skip if they want. At least you need 1 thousand views to earn 1 dollar. When you reach their minimum payout which is 5 dollars you can cash it out already.