Earn Money Through Admediaking

             Are you looking for other adnetwork that will give you an extra income online? Why don’t you try Admediaking, a company based in India. Their requirement is too easy to meet. It is not necessary that your blog has already thousands of views. But of course, you need to boost your traffic, if you want to earn money from your blog. For traffic is the blood and life of blog. Without it your blog is dead. 

                You can apply with them, if your blog is already one month old and not violating any of their terms and conditions. It is almost the same with other adnetwork. They are not accepting blogs has an adult content, using vulgar words, promoting illegal drugs so on, so forth. So, you must read carefully about their regulations. The good thing is, even your blog is not written in English, you can still apply it. Like me, I have Admediaking in my tagalog blog. But even they are not strict; they are still scrutinize your blog very well.

                Unlike other adnetwork they are not strict if your blog has a domain name or none. When you apply with them, you will get a faster result. You should know immediately if your blog is accepted or rejected. In Admediaking, you don’t need to wait for too long before you can cash out your earnings. As long will reach the minimum payout which is 2 dollars. You can get a higher CPM if you have many visitors from United States,United Kingdom,Denmark,Ireland,New Zealand,Germany, Australia,Canada, etc.They are paying through Paypal and paying every two weeks of a month. Well, as what I have said, you need to work for your traffic because it is too long before you reach the two dollars. There’s no problem if your traffic every day is really good. It is very easy to reach that minimum payout. I knew some bloggers who earns pretty good with this adnetwork.