Do We Need to Treat Other Blogger as Competitor?

      In our lives, completion is present in everywhere. Every time I hear this word I remember the popular belief indicates survival of the fittest. This is very true, not only to human, but also to animals. Only those strong species could be survived. But can we apply this system in the world of blogging?

     We are considering other bloggers as a competitor because we are sharing with the same market or if we have the same niche. Maybe we become jealous if we are seeing that their blog become more popular than ours. Their blog is earning a decent amount of money while our blog doesn't earn. But instead to treat them as competitors, why don’t use this to improve your blog? Meaning, be motivated through their success and never feel bad about them. They are only doing their work very well. So, mind your own business also. Just study what makes their blog successful and you can apply it to your blog. In the end, you will be thankful because you unleashed your potential because of them.

    The right thing to do is treat every blogger as a friend and not as competitor. Who knows you will meet them in person if there’s an event or what. Imagine, if every blogger is treating others as their competitor, maybe you don’t read any blog tutorial. Why they need to reveal their secrets how to become a successful blogger for the benefits of other people? See… They only know that by doing this they will gain a bunch of exposure. What I mean is being friendly to every blogger that you encounter in the blogosphere. You never know, you can get a lot of tips from them

     In real life, we never leave alone and this is also very true in blogging. We need people to talk; to share our opinions and experiences. Through conversation we might gain knowledge in different things that we can apply to our blog. Remember, even we have the same niche; every one of us has the chance to become a successful blogger. The world of internet is so wide. So, let other bloggers explore its horizon. Don’t make any plan how to sabotage their blog.