Difference Between Niche Blog and General Blog

            General blog is good because you can put all the topics that you like. Bloggers called it as random post or random thoughts. So, it has no specific theme or topics. Bloggers are only putting labels to categorize their post. The good in general blog is you have always an idea what to write. Then, it has no limit because you can write any topics under the sun.

                Unlike in a niche blog, there is a possibility that you will be lacking of idea because you already shared all the things that you knew. Sometimes your articles become redundant. But of course, it depends upon your creativity. If you’re a creative person, you can make a research and write what you have learned.
                In terms of earnings, you can earn more in a niche blog over general blog because you already targeted your market or your audience. The advantage of a niche blog is your visitors have a need that need to be fulfilled. There’s a possibility that they can click the display ads on your blog because they are really interested. 

                But before you decide to make a niche blog, find your strength or what is your expertise? If you’re good in cooking and criticizing the taste of a food, then be a food blogger or if you’re expert in IT, blog about technology. Show what you know and build your reputation. After that, good opportunities will follow if you have patience. 

                By the way, what are the niche blogs with high ad rates?  They are the blogs about health, business, technology, etc. Then, blogs with low rates are entertainments, photoblog, quotes and poetry and of course the general blog. Whatever you choose, a niche blog or a general blog, the important is you’re happy for what you doing.