Boost Your Traffic Through Google Plus

              As a blogger, we always think how we can boost our traffic. Of course, we are using Facebook and Twitter to promote our blog post. Others of us are also using StumbleUpon to get additional views. Recently, Google launched their social media, which is Google Plus. I don’t know if they want to compete the said giant social networks. All I know, as a blogger we must also use it for our own good.

                If you don’t have Google Plus yet, just sign up to make an account. If you’re using Blogger.com, go to your account setting and then go to your profile. After that, upgrade your old profile to have a Google Plus. Then, every time you have a new post it would automatically share with the public. To get views, you should add other bloggers to your circle of friends. Your post will be appearing to their Google Plus news feed. If you want your post to get noticed by a particular person who is in your circle, just tag his/her name. Use also a hashtag; it will serve as a keyword. If there is an internet user who will type that keyword in search engine; there is a possibility that they would landed to your link via Google Plus.

                The advantage of Google Plus, it is owned by Google. Your link would be a prioritized and it has a chance to appear in the first page of search engine. You know what it means? It has been an instant organic traffic for your blog without waiting for too long before Google rank it. But it still depends if your topic is very competitive or not. What if other bloggers wrote also the same topic with your article and they shared it also to Google Plus? Anyway, don’t worry about the competition because it is only natural in a blogosphere. Just continue what you’re doing and don’t stop from using Google Plus. I assure you that this would be a big help to increase your traffic.