Boost Your Page Views Through nRelate

         If you want to boost your traffic you will use all the tactics to increase your blog views. This is very important because traffic is the game or life of a blog. Lack of traffic means no earnings at all. To gain traffic, one of this way is by using tools that will show your old contents. Because many readers don’t take a time to browse what’s your other post although they might interested. But if you have nRelate, they see that there are related contents from what they had read then they would click and read it.

           You can add nRelate to your blog to  show your old contents below of your post. If you do this, you can decrease your bounce rate because they stay in your blog for too long. That is if they read more articles from you. Years ago, when there was no nRelate, bloggers had to re-post or rewrite their contents before it will be noticed again by the visitors. But now you don’t need that, you will always be focused on new contents. At the same time, your old post will be viewed again and again.  

            nRelate is like Linkwithin but they have also also different with each other. In Linkwithin if your computer has cache you can’t install it. You need to clear before you can install. But the good thing is you don’t need to sign up. Just write your blog url and choose how many posts do you want to see in your blog. While in Nrelate you need to sign up first before you can use the tool. But it is easy to do that. You don’t need to fill up a lot of information.

            The advantage of nRelate from Linkwithin is you can earn with their tools. If you will put their ads, it will be positioned beside your old contents. nRelate is only a CPC basis; you will only earn if there are visitors who will click their ads. So, don’t expect that you will earn because your blogs has bulk of visitors everyday. I read that there is a one blogger earned only more than 2 dollars after she had got 70 clicks. Well, it was not worth it in terms of money making. But in gaining additional traffic and to get a lower bounce rate this is highly recommended.