Benefits of Being a Guest Blogger

Do you notice every time that you visit on anyone’s blog; you will see they are featuring blogger. Maybe you’re thinking that they did some good works that’s why they were featured in a blog. Or is there something special about them that need to announce in public. It seems that they are a superstar or an icon and we need to take a bow for them. Do we really need to know their life story? Well, maybe they are a good blogger, but it’s not something like that.

                They are allowing guest blogger to their site because both sides will benefit from it.  This is just a matter of give and take. You will be my guest you if you will guest me to your blog. This is one of their tactics to expand their exposure and gain addition traffic. By doing this, they can get new readers to their blog. They can also leave their links with each other sites.

                Guest blogging is a great source of backlinks because their links will be carried if they put into others blog. If they have many backlinks they could get a high rank in the search engine as long as they are not abusing it. If you will do also this trick, do it naturally and not through manipulation. Don’t flood your blog with too many guest bloggers and vice versa, don’t be often guest blogger to other’s blog.

                While others doing this because they don’t have a new idea what to write and their solution other people will make an article for them through guest blogging. Well, this is good because your blog will have a new voice or style for a while. But make sure that their niche is the same for your blog or else your reader will be confused if they read their article because the post has no connection with their interest.

                It is easy to invite guest blogger, just say that you want them to be featured in your blog. If they have willingly given them several questions regarding their blogging career. Avoid question dealing with very sensitive and personal issues about them. Then, ask them a favor also that after you published their article to your blog, you can also be a guest blogger for their blog.