Avoid Your Link Being Marked as a Spam in Facebook

        Facebook is a great way to share our blog post because it has more than one billion users worldwide. If you’re lucky, your post will become viral. It means that you will get a bulk of the traffic. But Facebook nowadays is so strict in terms of propagating your link. Their system will mark it as a spam if it was over shared. What I mean is over shared by you and not when other people shared it. That is when you’re sharing frequently your link in your timeline or to the Facebook group or community. Your link will also mark a spam if there is someone who reported it. Don’t wait your link this to be happening because your entire blog will be affected. You must guard your own move and don’t over share your link. Or else Facebook will mark it as a spam. If ever, there’s a possibility that the readers will not click it because they would think that your link has a virus according to the warning of Facebook. They will only click it if they are already familiar with your works or if there are very curious or interested in your post.

           Maybe Facebook is doing this to eliminate the spammers. We can’t deny the truths that many people are abusing their network. They are posting anything they want even it is not allowed. So, you must be careful; they are vigilant right now. They are not allowing excessive promoting to their network anymore. Maybe they are doing this because they want to limit the user for sharing their links, But there’s no problem if your link was shared naturally even how many times it is. 

           If you want to promote aggressively your blog, why don’t use advertorial tools on Facebook like what others doing? Of course, you will pay, but in return your blog will be familiar to many people. But if you don’t have a budget, just limit every time you post your link. Last thing, don’t rely only in Facebook, instead use also another form of social media like StumbleUpon, Google Plus, Tweeter, etc. If you combine all of these, your traffic will be increased.