The Tabloid Industry in the Philippines

                Reading tabloid is a favorite fast time of the masses. It is easy to buy it; it is available in every corner of the street in our country. It is also easy to comprehend its contents because it is written in a plain language; no technical and jargon words. Instead, they are using colloquial words to relate to the ordinary people.

                The good thing about tabloid, it has a variety or many ingredients. From the latest news, current events, entertainment, sports, crossword and even the result of the Lotto, you will find it all here. And of course, sexy pictures of women and sex stories have been a part of the tabloid industry to tap out the male readers. We have Tiktik, Toro and Bagong Sagad which is a former smut tabloid. Who will forget the Xerex Xavier of Abante during of its heydays where anyone is free to send their sex experience in that section?

                Many people are reading tabloid because they want to entertain. Aside from answering crossword puzzle, they want to know what their horoscope is for the day. Other people are looking for textmates through a tabloid. They also want to consult their problem about their love life or if they want to greet someone in the greetings corner of a tabloid. So, there are many things that you can do in a tabloid, although it has only 12 pages. Maybe these are the reasons, why tabloid gained its popularity. It is still not wipe out even you can read free news and articles online. They are still read by thousands of Filipino people all over the country.

                On the other side, we can’t deny that tabloid is considered by other people as a thrash or a low quality reading material. First, the contents are not newsworthy; It almost about sex scandals, crimes and unbelievable occurrences. If you’re a conservative type of a person, you can’t absorb it and it would give you a bad vibe or headache. Is this what we called sensationalist journalism? They tabloid publishers need to do this to make an impact to get the attention of the public. They really knew that there is no money in writing good news. According to the editor of one of the leading tabloid in our country, sensationalism in their rank is only a natural for them. They need to shock people or to find what make them to be interested. Controversial stories and gossips are salable to the public. This is already a proven formula in tabloid industry.  Hmm, even television networks and online writers knew this.

                We don’t know if the popularity of tabloid should be ended in the near future like what happened to comics, the favorite reading material of the Filipino people for how many decades. One thing for sure, as long as the masses buy their product, the tabloid industry will still survive.