The Story Behind Claudine Barretto's Death

            There’s a rumor spreading over the internet saying that the actress Claudine Barretto was already dead because of drug overdose. Many people were shocked about this news. First, they thought that this news is true, but this is really a hoax. This news was originally posted to the site that has resemblance to ABS-CBN because of its layout design.  

            If we could remember, Claudine was accused by her family that she is a drug user, but Claudine denied this accusation against her. So, anyone who believes that she is taking drugs, it is not possible that she could die also because of this. This is also the cause of death of many celebrities in Holywood like Whitney Houston and others.

            The news about the death of Claudine was only made by a blogger who want his site to be famous. He or she is not become fail from his strategy because his fake news becomes trending. The truth is Claudine Baretto is still kicking and alive and ready to make another intrigue about her personal life.

              The last issues about her is the fistfight between her and with her mother and sisters  that was ignited again. After that, she met Erwin Tulfo, the brother of Mon Tulfo whom they attacked in NAIA in 2011. The meet-up was conducted through the help of Atty. Ferdinand Topacio. Claudine and Erwin are both clients of the said attorney. Claudine have a picture with Erwin, it seems they were happy together. Claudine said that she was already talked to Mon over the telephone and they were already okay. Hmm, what can you say about this issue, Raymart?

             Let us only assume, what if Claudine was already dead? Of course, this has also an impact in showbiz industry. She is one of the finest actresses on her generation. Unfortunately, she is not already active in the showbiz industry. Should her family would forgive her specially Grethen Baretto and her former husband. What would be her legacy to the Philippines as an actress?

            And to the netizen out there, always be vigilant. We knew that not all news on the internet is real. So, don’t make easy to believe, instead scrutinize all the rumors that we read. How many times that we read that John Cena, Eminem and many famous personalities were already dead. Even Dolphy was also a victim of the malicious news before he truly died. 

            On the other side, we could not blame the writers of this kind of news. This is only a part of their marketing strategy. Maybe they only want to earn money online. But please, they must also be responsblie from their writings. In the end, it is still up to us if we believe it or not to any news that are spreading over the internet.