The Inspiring Love Story of Jamich

                The tandem of Jamich is not also a perfect contrary to the image that we had portrayed in our mind. They also experienced rocky road with their relationship. Jam became addicted to gambling and it was really affected their love affair until Mitch decided to break up with Jam. During that time Jam was undergone in counseling through the help of his brother. While recovering from his addiction, he asked a second chance to Mitch. Then, her darling forgave him and their love became stronger than before. 

                Jam and Mitch were also joined in a reality star search Starstruck. But Jam didn’t pass while Mitch was only entered in top 24. Even they were loss in that contest; they still pursued their dream to be a star until they discovered YouTube as an outlet for netizen’s creativity. At first, they had a doubt who will watch their videos? They still produced their video clips about their love stories and the rest became history. It paved the way to the stardom that they dreamed before. They have been featured in many TV shows and invited by the mall management to perform. Because of their popularity, they bought condo unit, car and any other material things from their income. 

                The sad thing, at the peak of their success of Jamich, Jam got sick. He was diagnosed that he has a stage four cancer in the lungs and it made him suffer until this very moment. But Mitch is always there to care his boyfriend until his last breath. She is still hoping that Jam could be recovered from a malignant cancer. 

               At the end of Magpakailanman, the host Mel Tiangco reminds us that we don’t know how long we will live in this world. So, it is very important to show our innermost love to our love ones while they are still alive. Jamich is an example of a true love. Like husband and wife, they really love each other, for the health and sickness. Jamich will always be remembered, they are not only a YouTube superstars but a couple have strong faith in their relationship. Imperfection made them perfect in the eyes of love and to their fans.