The Crying Fans of One Direction

                The British boy band One Direction is very popular worldwide nowadays. They are doing world tour concert and they have a schedule in the Philippines in 2015. The producer of the concert was already announced it in 2013. The fans of the group are really excited to see them perform live. But the problem is many of their fans could not buy a ticket because it was already sold out and this scenario made them cried. It seems that they watched a sad movie or a Pinoy heavy drama. They can’t accept that they get able to attend to the concert of their idols.

                This news made laugh to the non-fans of One Direction. For them, the fans who cried are overreacting because that’s only a shallow reason for them to cry. Besides that, it is not end of the world. The producer can produce it again in their concert if they want. For sure, they will come back in our country. The Philippines is a favorite destination of every popular foreign artist. They know that the Filipino people are much favored to the foreign acts rather our own music industry. 

                But for the fans of One Direction, they were only frustrated because of the truth that they can’t watch the concert of their favorite band even they prepared for that. As a matter of fact, they save their money to attend from that concert. For them, if you’re a true fan of the group you will show your support not only from buying their albums. But if you have a chance, you will also attend to their concert.

                The VIP ticket price of One Direction concert is worth of 17 thousand pesos! According to some observers, this price is not applicable to the third world country like Philippines. But what we do, if this is the price they need to pay for the stardom of One Direction? We knew that the fans are ready to pay even the ticket price is very expensive. But if this will make them happy, can we question their fans to stop them from their madness? Besides that, that’s their money, not ours. Unfortunately, many of them could not buy a ticket. Next time, make sure that they will become an early bird.

               Is this a fanatism or just a simple adoration for a boy band? Maybe this is just a natural reaction of people who didn’t get what they want. Remember, most of the time girls are very emotional especially teenagers. If this makes them beautiful, so let it be. There’s wrong if boys will cry because they would not see One Direction in personal.