Should Anne Curtis Stop From Singing?

              Once again Anne Curtis became a hot talk of town today. Not because of his beauty and appeal or into her role as mermaid in Dyesebel. But she has become controversial again because of her singing career. Her concert entitled The Forbidden Concert held at Smart Araneta Center on May 16 became a major success. It was attended thousand of her fans. In that concert, she sang the popular song ‘Let it Go.’ Her fans were really appreciated her, although her song was out of tune and she is very far compared to her guest professionals singers.

                Usual, not all people are happy with Anne’s singing career. For them, she don’t have a talent in singing. Yes, she is one of the finest actresses in this generation; but as a singer is a big NO NO for them. They also criticized them that she should give up her singing career. According to them, Anne is only bastardizing the OPM songs. There are very big difference between an artist and entertainer. For an artist, they really hone their craft before they perform. While for an entertainer like Anne, they don’t know where she put her inspiration to make a concert at a Big Dome! They also said, she want to entertain people, she should concentrate on his acting career. She has no difference with the feeling singers out there who love to sing even their  voices made you sick. The only difference is, Anne is very famous and beautiful. But if not, no one will watch her concert.

                If we could remember, even Leah Salonga gave a bad comment about Anne’s singing career. But she admitted that she knew that she is not a good singer. All he wants is to entertain people and not to prove that she is a great singer. Anne didn't listened to her critics that she could be stopped from singing, instead she made an album entitled Anne-Kapal. Her genre belongs to novelty. For her, she is not aiming to become a Sharon Cuneta, Kuh Ledesma, Regine Velasquez, etc.

                Still, it is up to Anne Curtis if she will continue or not from her singing career. But whatever her bashers will say, we are still in the Philippines, where the actors and actresses become a singer although that's not their expertise. If we remember, Judy Ann Santos released an album and it was becoming a platinum album. Even the great boxer Manny Pacquiao produced his own album and his song ‘Para sa Iyo’ became a monster hit. That song was composed by Lito Camo. Hope that Manny would not produce an album for her Mommy Dionisa. We knew that her mom also love to sing. She already sang with Imelda Papin and we have already watched on television that she sang Wrecking Ball of Miley Cyrus.