Philippine Newspapers: Standing the Test of Time

             Are you wondering why the newspapers are still available today? They tend to survive despite of the emergence of digital media. Where ever you go, you can still newspaper either it is in the street, supermarket, convenience store and in the bookstore. Broadsheets and tabloids have been a part of our culture since it was first patronized by the public. If you will notice, the tabloids are growing on its numbers. While broadsheets are still read by class A and B. It seems that newspapers in our country are not affected by the innovation of technology.

                Maybe their industry still survived because they have their own market, especially the older people who are not ready to undergo in changes or they are not comfortable to use a computer. Instead, they like to flip the pages of a newspaper while they are drinking coffee in the morning. They also like it to read while they are inside of a vehicle or in any place that they are comfortable to read. Then, after that they can hide it or sell it per kilo in the junkshop. If the articles are imperatives, they can use it as a reference if any member of the family will need it. If not, they will throw it, or they will use it as a wrapper for smoked fish. But there are some people using newspapers as a material for bags, basket and decorations. It only means that newspapers are not only worth able to read, but you can use it for artistic crafts.

                We can assume that the internet could not kill the newspapers. As what happened to radio, television didn’t erase its existence. Every media outlet or medium has their audience. To survive in a tough competition with the digital world, newspapers turned also into digital without leaving the print version. For print media is the foundation and nature of their business. They are not like Rappler which is a newspaper site only. When you say a newspaper site it is for free to every person who has an access to the internet. But how do they ear if this is for free only? Like bloggers, they are also earnings from different ad networks like Google Adsense, Taboola, etc. Some of them have also direct advertisers to their site. The advantage of them compares to the bloggers, they are always updating their time from time to time. Because they have many writers, they can post many articles per day. They are also trustworthy because they are composed of professional writers and journalist as well. There is an assurance that they are verifying or validating first the data before they will publish it. Like what they are practicing to their newspaper in print.