Pan de Amerikana: A Very Unique Bakery and Restaurant

        Marikina City is known as the shoe capital of the Philippines. As a matter of fact, this city is listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the biggest pair of shoes in the world. You can find here the shoe museum where you can see the shoe collections of former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Aside from that, Marikina has some interesting places founded by private individuals and one of them is the Pan de Amerikana Bakery and Restaurant.

             At the facade of restaurant, you will notice that this is not a typical restaurant. Where can you see a boat located on top of a tree? But you have already an idea that the place has a native theme because the front of it was made by wood and bamboo. No, it does not an American theme but it is very Asian: a mix of Filipino and Chinese culture. What makes the establishment unique is its design consisting of native crafts like paintings, sculptures, etc.

            Pan de Americana is designed like a forest park because you will see many hanging vines. It also has a mini bridge with a fish pond under it. There is also a terrace, which had a little hanging bridge. Don’t worry, the terrace is not too high. Even children can walk in the hanging bridge but remind them not to run and jump for their safety.

           When you are here, it seems that you are in an antique shop or in a museum because you will see a lot of old things and memorabilia. Some of them are the black and white pictures of actors and actresses from 50’s and above. Some of them are no longer living while others are still active in the showbiz industry. If your grandma and grandpa are showbiz-oriented, bring them here to see those pictures and be nostalgic about the golden age of Philippine cinema.

            The highlight of Pan de Amerikana is its giant chessboard and pieces, which you can touch, move, and take a picture. The place also showcases different kinds of chess. If you know how to play chess, aside from the giant chessboard, they also have a big chessboard which you can play with your companion. Just a trivia, Chess Grandmaster Eugene Torre already played here. Some chess tournaments were conducted here. If ever you don’t play chess, it is okay; just relax and feel its ambiance. You would still appreciate this place because it has no resemblance in the Philippines.

           I am sure you would also love Pan de Amerikana because it is very relaxing. If you want to get totally relaxed, they have a rocking chair and hammock. You could sit there and be crooned to sleep while listening to the mellow background music.

            By the way, Pan de Amerikana serves Pinoy foods in very affordable prices. Aside from the regular meals, you can also order appetizers and merienda/snacks, because it is a combination of restaurant and bakery. It has pandesal with a twist, like tuna and chicken pandesal. No, it is not just a small pandesal, but a big one.
            The place is family-oriented; you can have bonding with your family here. This is also a perfect place for romantic dates. So, bring your special someone here. You could also visit this place even if you only want to discover a new hangout. Aside from Marikina Heights, they have another branch in Katipunan, Quezon City.