Manny Pacquiao Wants to be a Basketball Star

                Manny Pacquiao has many things to do aside from boxing. He was already entered in showbiz and politics world and now he has a plan to enter in PBA. He is very confident with his decision. He said that he is using basketball to condition his body every time when he has trained in boxing. The KIA Motors company has a plan to form their own basketball team and according to Pacquaio he may serve as a couch for their team. Basketball is not new for him; this is one of his favorite hobbies. The public always see him on TV playing basketball.

                But according to the management of PBA, if Pacquaio wants to become a rookie player he need to undergo in a normal process like what the other applicant does. And even if he will be passed, there’s no assurance that he can play in PBA. It is up to any basketball team, if they will like to hire him as a player.

                On the other side, the critics of Pacquiao said that he is not suitable in basketball. He is great as a boxer, and not as a basketball player. They also said that his height is too small compared to the normal heights of PBA players which is 6 feet above. Why is he aiming to be a coach, although he doesn’t have a professional background in basketball? But they believe that Pacquiao could enter in PBA because of his influence and popularity. He can even form his own basketball team if he wants.

                For the supporters of Pacquaio, they also knew that boxing and basketball is really different. But both of them need physical and mental strength, durability, flexibility and a lot of discipline and Pacquaio got all that kind of characteristics. They believe that PBA will become more exciting if the presence of Pacquiao is there. If he excelled in boxing, their idol will also make a good record in this sport. Whatever the national boxer chooses to do in his life, they will give their support. This is their way to recognize the honor that he gave to the Philippines.