Lourd de Veyra Bashed by the One Direction Fans

             Lourd De Veyra is a TV host and commentator in the Philippines. He is also known as front man of Radio Active Sago Project band and also a book author. He is known for his satirical style of writing and social commentary. He became popular because of his video clips on YouTube through Word of the Lourd. As a satirist, he attacks individual or institutions from the government, celebreties and even religion. If we will say satirical, it is ridiculed someone.  And of course, everybody is not happy with his style specially those people who becomes a center of his piece.

                Not long ago, Lourd became controversial when he released an open letter to Vic Sotto in Spot.ph. For he is asking Bossing to make a good movie, not just a slapstick comedy. Not for just making a box-office hit, but for the sake of the arts. Many fans of the comedian didn’t like what he wrote and they attacked Lourd’s personality. This time, many fans of One Direction are angry with him. When he released a video that one of the members of the boy band using marijuana in a vehicle. He suggested that they concert should be banned in the Philippines. For they are not a good example to the youth. Because of this the fans of One Direction bashed him in social media especially Twitter. They called Lourd as arrogant, feeling superstar and they also ridiculed not only his personality, but also his nose, which is big according to the angry fans of One Direction.

                But Lourd didn’t make serious the reaction of the fans of the boy band. First, he acted as crying, but after this he was only laughed with his co-host Martin Andanar. He explained that he don’t hate One Direction. He only thinks what would be the implication of the band for our youth if they are using marijuana.

                On the other hand, Lourd was defended by his followers. They said that One Direction fans are immature. They were like kids had been tantrum when they didn’t buy a ticket for the concert of their idols. And of course, they supported the statement of Lourd as what they believe in every word that comes from his mouth. Because they are admiring him and they think that his opinion is always politically correct.

                Let us wait who will be the next enemy of Lourd de veyra, one of the best satirist in our country today. Hope he will not be attacked physically because of his hot commentaries. Although Fililipino people are cool, many of us are hot tempered.