Ka Freddie Aguilar, a Good Lover but a Bad Father?

                If love could be measured, who will you choice between your wife and daughter? This is the case of Freddie Aguilar, who became controversial when he married a minor in the name of love. After that, we never hear anything about their relationship. The latest happening is, there is a news said that Maegan Aguilar, daughter of Freddie left their house because she can’t take anymore the attitude of her young step mom. But Maegan said she was thrown by his father together with her husband and with their children because they had fought because of rotten vegetable in the refrigerator.

                Maegan also said that the mind of his dad was poisoned the mind by her new wife. First, he kicked out their maid and their driver through the order of his wife. Maegan don’t have a harmonious relationship with her because the wife became bossy in their house. Maegan said that Ka Freddie is a bad father. Maegan has been working to Ka Freddie’s bar, but her dad was paying her only 4k per month. She also revealed that Freddie has a one year old daughter to another woman in Pangasinan, but he neglected it while she is giving all the luxuries in life to his young wife.  

                We don’t really know if Freddie Aguilar’s new wife has a bad attitude. The public knew that Maegan was supported the decision of his father to marry a young woman because she want her father to be happy. But now, they made a trouble within their family.

                If we will analyze the situation, this is not just an ordinary rivalry between the daughter and stepmother; seeking for the attention of the important man of their lives. This problem was rooted in money matters.  Maybe Ka Freddie chose his wife over his daughter because he has a need that only his wife can give or fulfill it. Maybe he is already blind from his love and he doesn’t listen anymore to any people including his first family. Marlene Aguilar, sister of Ka Freddie has already spoken about this issue, she is really mad with his new wife. She delivered some bad words against her.

                Let us wait what will be the end of this issue. For the meanwhile, let us sing the “Anak”  song of Ka Freddie. But if there is a song that will dedicate to Maegan, maybe she will song her hit song during ‘90’s entitled “Kamot”. Maybe she is scratching herself  because of what happened between her and his father.