Godzilla: Not a Movie Review

               This movie is a sci-fi fiction about Godzilla and other creepy creatures who looks also like a dinosaur. They don’t blowing fire like a dragon, but they are gigantic and have an extraordinary power that can ruin a city. According to the story, the monsters were originated in the Philippines. The Filipino people must be thankful about that because we our country is starring in this Holywood movie. So, don’t take it seriously like what other’s did in Dan Brown’s book where he cited Manila as a hell! We really knew that Philippines is a home of real monster. But not to the likes of Godzilla, but to the likes of our corrupt government officials.

                Let us back to the movie. The whole story is not only rotating to the battle of the monsters. But it also tackles about love for the family. That even disaster cannot destroy our faith and love to each other. This is a story of a soldier who lost his parents because of the monster attacked them. He also almost died while fighting its powerful enemies. The army don’t have a weapon that is enough to destroy the monsters. However, thanks to Godzilla because he is the one who destroy the bad monsters.

                Well, the plot of the story of this movie is superb. You would love also every scene. It is straight to the point  and don’t have a lot of twist. Instead, it only focused to the battle between Godzilla and its monster enemies. Plus, the perseverance of armies to defeat the monster. Hmm, I thought that there is no monster can do a heroism. Even if you’re a scifi fan, you would appreciate this movie. Although there are some long dialogues that make you tired. But in terms of cinematic effect, Godzilla is really great. It seems that the collapsing buildings and falling train are true. If a movie was made in Hollywood we can hope it has a great quality of its effects. It is noticeable that it was computerized.  The only bad thing about this movie there are many scenes shot in the dark. So, if you have a blurb sight, it is hard to see it. That’s it!