Chito Miranda Engaged to Neri Naig

             Finally, Chito Miranda, front man of Parokya ni Edgar proposed a wedding to her girlfriend Neri Naig, a former finalist of Star Circle Quest of ABS-CBN. This is to prove that he loves her girlfriend very much and he wants to be with her ‘till the rest of his life. But before this, the couple became controversial because of their sex video that was spread on the internet. The private moment of them was caught on the camera. Because of this Chito and Neri was becoming a center of mockery by other people who had seen their sex scandal. They judge them by saying that they were not a good influence to the youth.

                During that time Neri was very silence and not talking about the incident. Chito was the only one who was explaining to the media. Chito said that was not intentional; there is another person who spread the video without knowing it.  What they did was they posted a picture of them who were very sweet to show that their relationship is not affected because of that sex video. Chito also showed a picture of his girlfriend when she was with the Aeta. He said that Neri is really a good person. Sometimes she helps the poor to share her blessings. 

                But according to the supporters of Chito, there’s nothing wrong with their act. Because they are boyfriend-girlfriend compares to the video scandal of other celebrities. They were already married; but they committed adultery. Their only fault was they made a video about their intimate moment. Then, it went to the hand of a bad person who wants to destroy the image of Chito and Neri. If we remember also, the public convinced Chito that he should marry her girlfriend to erase that incidence into their mind. Maybe his proposal to Neri is a late reaction for that clamor. Anyway, that is not important anymore, the important they will be married as soon as possible. For sure, they will do this, not to clean their image, but because of their love to each other. So, let us congratulate the couple for their near weeding.