Blow Your Mind with Mind Museum

The Mind Museum in Taguig City is not only for science lovers but for all those who want to know the history of mankind. When you are here it seems that you are back in ancient times and then jump again to the future. Every item on exhibit is very interesting.

                You can touch and click the button if you want. Yes, this is very interactive museum; you can enjoy and learn at the same time. The good thing is, they have explanations on everything. From the descriptions, you could understand the essence of science in humanity. Without science there would be no progress, inventions, innovations and explorations in many aspects of our lives.

                The main highlight of the museum is the fossils of a dinosaur. According to scientists, the dinosaurs were the first inhabitants on earth. They existed billion years ago. They were only gone because of the great bombardment or explosion that happened during their time. I never imagined before that I could see a fossil of a dinosaur because I only read it in books and watched it in a film like Godzilla. The fossil of a dinosaur looks like a stone; when you touch it, it is very hard. I was really amazed how they assembled its skeletons. The museum has also a remnant of soils where they dug the fossils.

                Aside from the dinosaur, there is also an exhibit about the origins of human beings. There are life-size statues of apes, showing its evolution from primate to man. Of course, the story about the dinosaurs and apes as our forefathers is still a great debate between science and religion. They have different views about where the earth and human came from. But just forget the conflict for a while. This is a science museum, right?


                If you have children, bring them here and they will appreciate science more, especially if your child has a dream to be a scientist or an astronaut. They will likewise enjoy the planetarium area of Mind Museum. They will feel that they are near the galaxy because of the motif of the place which is full of stars and planets. But of course, this is not only for kids, for adults as well. When you are here you would remember what you studied in your Science subject during your student days, like the law of gravity, different planets, human anatomy, etc.

                The Mind Museum also has a place for movie lovers. There are two cinemas showing documentary films about planets and about the extinction of the dinosaurs. The shows last only for about 15 minutes. The first cinema is the Space Shell which is made unique by shape and the screen on its roof. The other one is a 3D cinema. Both of them have limited seating capacities that is why their policy is first come, first served.


                The Mind Museum has a second floor where they are displaying another batch of valuable items, like the first printing machine made of wood. You can try to know how it works like I did. It is very easy to use but of course, you need a lot of effort before you could print a few words on paper. Another thing, you will be surprised because it has an arcade games. You can play there for free. Then, there is also a video recorder where you can give your comment about the Museum which will be seen on a big TV screen there.

             The museum also gives importance to language and literature. We know that literature is the language of our souls. They have collections of old books and magazines at the second floor. You will find also there a coffee shop. Up to here, Science never ends because its wall has many quotes written by great scientists.  It will blow your mind again.

                Outside the museum, is an extension of the place, but it is a playground or a park. This is beside Jollibee. Yes, there is a fast food chain here. If you are hungry just eat there before you proceed to the park.  At the park, just show your wrist band given by their staff. Let the kids play here bubbles, slides and seesaw. Even if this is a playground, the design is one-of-a-kind because it was inspired by Science. Here, there is an apparatus where you can talk or shout and there will an echo that bounce back.